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Jumaat, 6 Februari 2009

~tHe LonGeSt SuRvey i EvER hAD~

+++ 2352..

+++ wani syahira..

+++ dun have..

brother/s :
+++ iwan,epit & dik am..

Shoe size:
+++ 5 o 6..

What are you wearing right now?
+++ squarepants & siglet..

Where do you live?
+++ terengganu..

Favorite Number/s:
+++ 2, 7..

Favorite Drinks
+++ sky juice & coffee 'cold' (kopitiam stlye)..

Favorite Months:
+++ of course MAY..(my BirthdaY)..

Favorite Breakfast:
+++ not having one..

*******Have You Ever*******
Been on a plane:
+++never,wish i had 1.. :(

Been in a bath tub:
+++ yeah...

Swam in the ocean:
+++ yes..cherating!!

Fallen asleep in school:
+++ yahaa...always..huhu

Broken someone's heart:
+++ hmm mmm..cannot remember..hahaha..

Fell off your chair:
+++ ouch.. (wat2 pengsan)

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call
+++ hahaha...y im doing dat?

Saved e-mails:
+++ yeap..but x fs one..

*******What is********
What is the last thing you ate?
+++ ikan bakar (diet lor)..

------Ever Had------
Chicken pox:
+++ i dun think i ever hv dat..

Sore throat
+++ voice keep changing every year..hikhik..

+++ nope..i'm a good gurl

Broken nose:
+++ nope..

.-----Do You-----------
Believe in love at first sight?
+++ yeap..

Who was the last person you danced with?
+++ hmm...i'll try not to dance with people..alone in bathroom=maybe..

----------Final Questions-------------
What are you listening to right now?
+++ afgan-terima kasih cinta..

What did you do today?
+++meet dr.nizam (lec.),had lunch wit jaja,attend class,lepak maulana & surf internet..

Hate someone in your family?
+++ nope & is everything to me..

Diamond or pearl?
+++ peraly diamond n diamondly pearl

Are you the Eldest?
+++ nope, 2nd youngest

Indoors or outdoors?
+++ both..
-------Today did you-----------
1. Talk to someone you love?
+++ yup..remind him go 2 friday's prayer..

2. Kiss anyone?
+++ didn't have a chance..hahahaha..

3. Get sick?
+++ nope.alhamdulilah..

4. Talked to an ex:
+++ nope..

5. Miss someone:
+++ every second in my life..

----------Last person who----------
6. You talked to on the phone?

21. Have a crush on someone:?
+++ yeap..funny story..huhuhu..

22. What books are you reading right now?
+++nope,i'm trying to update my blog rite now..haha...

23. Best feeling in the world?
+++ keesaan Allah..

24. Do you Sleep with stuffed animals?
+++ nope..

25. What's under your bed?
+++ a box of instant food & a printer..

26. Favorite locations?
+++ currently, home sweet home..

29. Danced a slow dance with someone you didn't even like?
+++ nope..

32. Who do you really hate?
+++ no one...i kan penyayang..

35. Ever liked someone you didn't have a chance with?
+++ nope..

36. You lonely right now?
+++ agak arr...

37. What time is it now ?
+++ 0015..
With however long it took you to complete this, post as "my__minute survey"

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